My System Admin Service Packages
It has never been easier to add System Administration and Cobalt Control Station Monitoring service to your Sun Cobalt Networks Server!

True Blue System Admin Service Packages $25/month

  • Sun Cobalt Control Station Monitoring!
  • Continuous Health and Availability checks
  • Control Station Messages to your Mobile Phone or e-mail!
  • All Servers are monitored with Sun's Cobalt Control Station!
  • All modules are used and polled at the highest possible rate!
Sapphire System Admin Service package $50/month
  • All of the above PLUS!
  • Priority Support
  • Cobalt update assistance
  • Shared System Admin Role!
Diamond System Admin Service package $100/month
  • All of the above PLUS!
  • Top Priority Support
  • Sys Message Monitoring
  • Full-Time System Admin (root) role
  • Service provider Contact Management
  • Control Station Messages to my Mobile Phone!
  • Includes installation of all Cobalt Security Updates
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