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I have over 7 years of experience doing repairs to Sun Cobalt servers. I have gotten to the point there isn't much that takes me a long time to do. So this is how I work things... My Quote for a repairs is almost always $50 to $100usd and the only thing that might change that is the urgency of the job. it is very rare that a repair takes more then my minimum but If your repair will cost more, I will contact you. .

I offer URGENT SERVICE where "You are next" and most of the time I can start working on the problem while we are on the phone... it's best to call when you have an urgent matter... im is fine too, but make sure you say you need urgent service right away... Urgent Service is $150 usd.

I also offer RUSH SERVICE where your work request is completed same day or within 24 hours in most cases... All Urgent work must be completed before Rush jobs can be started... Rush Service is $100 usd

I also have STANDARD Service so if your not in a big hurry I can do the work at my minimum charge and that gets you "On the List" which can take up to a few days sometimes... Standard Service is $50usd

Server De-hacking is treated like Urgent service and is $150. If we have to migrate your data to a new drive the cost is $250 (Cobalt Migration Service below) If I get into your server and find that you have been hacked I will contact you asap!

For Personal Asssistance, Please contact me.

Basic repair/labor/minimum charge $50

This is my minimum charge and covers most work.
To send your ip and password click here

Basic repair/labor/minimum charge with RUSH service $100

This is my minimum charge that covers most work, with rush service!
To send your ip and password click here

Basic repair/labor/minimum charge with Emergency Service $150

This is where I drop everything and start working on your server immediately!
You should contact me before ordering, if you don't your work will start when I see the paypal notice.
To send your ip and password click here

Cobalt Migration Service $250

Includes all updates and data migration.
All Sun/Cobalt and Zeffie Updates installed $100

This includes me doing all the updates currently available...
(RaQ4 Turbo updates are excluded)
To ONLY send your IP and Password CLICK HERE!

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I Accecpt...
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