Management plans from $29.95/month

Today it is more important then ever to maintain your website and it's server. With millions of stolen credit cards floating around, you don't want your site or server to be used in a crime. You can be held responsible for your website, and any hacker that abuses it. We have been managing Internet web servers for over 15 years and we can keep yours secure and in top running condition.

Managed Websites and Servers

Linux Friendly

We support most Linux operating systems including Redhat Centos, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, and just about everything.

Advanced Security

We maintain both unfiltered and firewall filtered networks that limit access to various services like telnet, ssh, ftp, etc., per IP number.

Industrial Servers

We use only industrial servers with dual power supplies, multiple drive storage arrays with server grade drives and CPU's.

Dedicated Support

We have been managing peoples internet presence since the late 90's and we can keep your website up to date and the data safe.

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    • True Blue $29.95
    • 1GB Disk space
    • 5GB Monthly transfer
    • 10 eMail users
    • 5 Addon domains
    • UTM Firewall Protected
    • Shared Web Hosting Enviroment
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    • Sapphire $49.95
    • 1GB Memory
    • 1Mbit Monthly transfer
    • 10GB Raided hard disk storage
    • OpenVZ VPS Virtulization
    • UTM Firewall Protected
    • Cloud based environment
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    • Golden $99.95
    • 2GB Memory
    • 1Mbit Monthly transfer
    • 20GB Raid hard disk storage
    • OpenVZ VPS Virtulization
    • UTM Firewall Protected
    • Cloud based environment
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    • Diamond $249.95
    • Over 2GB Memory
    • Over 1Mbit Monthly transfer
    • Over 20GB Raid hard disk storage
    • OpenVZ VPS Virtulization
    • UTM Firewall Protected
    • Cloud/Dedicated environments
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Multiple Day Backup

First we start with multiple industrial grade hard drives to create fault tolerant hot swap-able hardware raid arrays. Rotation seven day backups are created on a separate system with a RAID array and lot's of power in case in needs to provide emergency services. The current day is then sent to our archive server where a multiple day archive is created. This makes for about a 10 gig of backup for every 1 gig of data. Remote backup is also available.

Firewall Security Protection

Firewalls allow us to control access to important services. Standard website hosting does not include a firewall. We are happy to offer separated networks that provide both unfiltered and our firewall filtered network that provides your website with more security and less bad traffic from hackers. Firewall protection is provided by dedicated proprietary industrial grade commercial firewalls that update automatically several times a day.

Dedicated Support Representatives

You don't have to be a website expert to have a great website. Our staff can assist you with transferring your website to our servers, updating, and maintaining your website internet presence. We have been managing websites since the late 90's and we can manage yours and keep your website data safe. We also provide fully managed services for all our products and services. Representatives are available daily to assist you. Call for more information

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Additional Services

VPN and ipsec connections
Custom Firewall Protection
Barracuda Anti Spam filtering
Remote reboot access
Private network service
Dedicated backup servers
Linux Administration Support
On site hands on support
Off Site Backup Service

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