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For a LIMITED TIME you can get our State of the art Anti-Spam, Anti-virus, Anti-Word system installed for Only $49


The Cobalt Spam Filter gui package allows you to take control of your email by being able to block viruses, and identify messages as spam. The package includes an upgrade to the users personal gui section which allows them to directly edit how they want to manage spam, and viruses. Also included with the package is a command line utility and Easy to use GUI for ISP's or admins to use to mass update the users preferences!
 Programs Included:  Admin Spam GUI Features:
  • Mass update GUI to adjust the users preferences!
 SiteAdmin Spam GUI Features:
  • Ability to adjust users personal area settings
 User Spam GUI Features:
  • SMTP Auth password gui
  • Manage their own wordassassin list
  • Set what they want to do with their spam
  • Set what they want to do with their viruses
  • Set what they want to do with their wordassassin list
  • Users can turn on and off dcc, razor, and rbl's
  • Edit their own black and whitelist, to block and allow spam
  • IMAP Compatible mailboxes for spam, virus and bad words
  • Wordmail Compatible mailboxes for spam, virus and bad words
  • Users can Block email from domain extensions (.de,.ie,.com,.net,etc...)
  • Forward caught spam, virus and bad words to a diffrent e-mail address
 Other System Features:
  • RBL Checking
  • SPF Record Checking
  • Automaitic virus DB updates
  • Built in repair
  • Compatable with sendmail updates
  • Command line user modification utility
  • Updated imap server
  • Updated poprelayd daemon
 Purchasing Information:
Regular Price $129.95
Sale Price: $49.p5

NOTE: All software is on a "per motherboard" licence and the packages are installed for you to insure the best installation possible. All systems are first checked for fitness before anything is installed... Updates and Reinstallations incurr my minimum charge ($50.00usd)... You will be required to Enter your IP and admin password when prompted by paypal or contact me. All packages are designed to install on a clean system. All systems should be in good running order before package installation. "User group" and other messy servers may require additional charges.

 Screen Shots (Click to Enlarge)
Personal Section - Wordassassin
Personal Section - Anti Virus Settings
Personal Section - Spamassassin Prefs
Personal Section - Spamassassin General
Personal Section - Spamassassin Lists
Personal Section - Spamassassin Tld
Siteadmin Section - Extra User Icon
Admin - MailScanner Control
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