Snort intrusion detection and intrusion prevention for the Cobalt RaQ4 Security GUI

This package is an advaced security manager based on Snort for your server's incomming and outgoing data packets. With use of this application, you can block harmful packets depending on the content of the packets, where they came from, and are going to. Included in this package is an auto-update script, which automatically updates all of your rulesets with the current versions. This ensures your server is always running the most recent versions of the rules, making your server more secure then ever!
 Admin GUI Features:
  • Edit any rules settings
  • Edit any rules FlexResp
  • Edit Snort configuration file
  • Edit Guardian configuration file
  • Turn any specific rule on or off
  • Turn any rule category on or off
  • Easy backup and restore feature
  • Automaticly installs current rulesets
  • display rule information by sid number
  • Change run times of auto-update for rulesets
  • Auto-update maintains your settings for each rule
  • Block alerted connections automaticly using FlexResp
  • Block alerted connections for a user defined time limit
 Programs Included:  Purchasing Information:
Price: $50.00

NOTE: All software is on a "per motherboard" licence and the packages are installed for you to insure the best installation possible. All systems are first checked for fitness before anything is installed... Updates and Reinstallations incurr my minimum charge ($50.00usd)... You will be required to Enter your IP and admin password when prompted by paypal or contact me. All packages are designed to install on a clean system. All systems should be in good running order before package installation. "User group" and other messy servers may require additional charges.

 Screen Shots (Click to Enlarge)
Snort Main Page
Edit Snort Rule
Monitor Actions
I Accecpt...
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