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Cobalt Security Package for the RaQ4

The most advanced cobalt security package available on the internet. This package includes all the popular programs most often requested by cobalt users around the world Plus a custom firewalling system to manage everything from simple network block blocking to who you want in your server, and who you want to block! This package now gives you the ability to create Custom Port Forwarding rules (sendmail on a diffrent port)
 Programs Included:
  • Brute Force Password Attack Protection - Stop Hack Attempts
  • Apache Process Monitoring - Stop Attacks as they happen
  • Checkrootkit - Automated checks for signs of rootkits installed on your system
  • Wtmp Moniter - Automatic checks of the wtmp file for deleted enteries
  • FCheck - Monitors system files for changes
  • Hostsentry - Host based intrusion detection tool
  • IP Chains - The only packet filters that work on the cobalt raq products
  • LCap - Prevents loadable kernel modules
  • Logcheck - E-mails you system logging messages
  • Logwatch - E-mails you system logging messages
  • Portsentry - A program designed to detect and respond to port scans
  • Rkscan - Rootkit scanner for Kernel-based RootKits
  • Mirror - A program for mirroring FTP sites...
  • TCP Wrappers - Access control facility for internet services
  • Firewall - Manage access to your services to keep your server more secure.
  • mod_security - Secure common hacks to the Apache web server.
  • mod_evasive - Stop Apache Denial of Service Attacks
  • Clamscan - Scan your server for virus infected files.
 Admin GUI Features:
  • Drop UPnP
  • ICMP Redirects
  • Drop Broadcasts
  • Super user IP's
  • Block ip spoofing
  • IP Access By Service
  • Block by ip or range
  • Source Routed Packets
  • Reject netbios chatter
  • Syn cookies protection
  • Block Private Networks
  • Class A Network Blocker
  • Automatic Super User IP
  • IP Fragmentation Protection
  • Custom Port Forwarding rules
  • Edit Program configuration files
  • Block services by ip or range
  • Control access to services by ip
  • Bogus IP Error Response Protection
  • Access Control Lists for every service
  • Change crontab run times and frequencies
  • Configure and Toggle all programs on and off
 Purchasing Information:
Regular Price $149.95
Sale Price: $99.95
Note:This package is included in our "Cobalt GUI Unleashed" package!

NOTE: All software is on a "per motherboard" licence and the packages are installed for you to insure the best installation possible. All systems are first checked for fitness before anything is installed... Updates and Reinstallations incurr my minimum charge ($50.00usd)... You will be required to Enter your IP and admin password when prompted by paypal or contact me. All packages are designed to install on a clean system. All systems should be in good running order before package installation. "User group" and other messy servers may require additional charges.

 Screen Shots (Click to Enlarge)
Main Security Page
Firewall - Block/Allow Subnets
Firewall - Block/Allow Services
Firewall - Block/Allow Services
mod_security Configuration
Clamscan Antivirus Configuration
I Accecpt...
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