RaQ550 Mass E-Mailer Software

Now you can finally communicate with all the users on your server from your web based administration area. Send emails out to everyone, users from certain virtual sites, or even specific users.
 Admin GUI Features:
  • E-mail ALL Users!
  • Built-in Variables!
  • Select Specific Users
  • Select Specific Sites
  • Adjustable Subject Line.
  • Adjustable reply-to field.
 Email Variables:
    [FQDN]Their domain name
    [USERNAME]Their user name
    [DATE]The current system date
    [DISKUSED]Disk space used for the user (MB)
    [MAXDISK]Disk space available for the user (MB)
    [FILES]The number of files the user owns
    [SITEDISKUSED]Disk space used for their virtual site (MB)
    [SITEMAXDISK]Disk space available for their virtual site (MB)
 Purchasing Information:
Price: $50.00
NOTE: All software is on a "per motherboard" licence and the packages are installed for you to insure the best installation possible. All systems are first checked for fitness before anything is installed... Updates and Reinstallations incurr my minimum charge ($50.00usd)... You will be required to Enter your IP and admin password when prompted by paypal or contact me. All packages are designed to install on a clean system. All systems should be in good running order before package installation. "User group" and other messy servers may require additional charges.

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