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Cobalt RaQ Support

Administration, Repair and Support Service

With over 27ish years of Unix experience and over 15 years of Cobalt RaQ and Qube Experience I provide Sun Cobalt RaQ Consulting, System Administration, and Repair services for small to medium size business at prices similar to the cost of a full time employee but only as you need me. You pay only for the time that you need.

Cobalt RaQ and Redhat Linux based systems services for the
Sun Cobalt RaQ2, RaQ3, RaQ4, RaQ550, XTR, Qube2, Qube3, and BlueQuartz on Centos

  • System repairs
  • Server Migration
  • Security auditing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Server de-hacking
  • Process monitoring
  • Service monitoring
  • Intrusion detection
  • Restore and update service
  • Basic and advanced security
  • Clean Drive data rebuilding
  • Dedicated server setup/startup
  • Perl, PHP, MySQL, C, C++ development
  • Sun Cobalt bug fixes and adjustments
  • Software installation and adjustments
  • Full and part time system administration

I use a variety of custom built software packages based on Redhat Enterprise 4 and directed specifically towards the Sun Cobalt RaQ2, RaQ4, XTR and RaQ550 line of web servers.

Stop those sleepless nights worrying about your Cobalt RaQ Server and "Get your Z's with Zeffie!"

Contact me today!

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