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Cobalt Updates
Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ4

All my updates are now on a paid for basis. You can canecl at anytime

 Access to all My Updates and Upgrade pkgs is only $29.95 per year!

Downloads MUST be applied from the bottom of the page to the top, as they must be applied in chronlogical order. Application of these patches in improper order will likely result in problems with the Sun Cobalt™ product.

Security Update/Upgrade

HTTP Posted:February 21, 2008
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 29,897,809

This Updates or Upgrades Sendmail, Telnet, Apache, and Glibc

All the Cobalt Updates

Reboot Required: yes

MD5 Check Sum: 8662fe0fb41a75356149a50d58b5ce2e

RPM Update

HTTP Posted:February 21, 2008
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 1,550,415

This updates the RPM program

All the Cobalt Updates

Reboot Required: yes

MD5 Check Sum: ec2ad4e1d57ea57ec403bc6067260817

The Official Sun Cobalt Updates End Here!

All Updates from this point are created by me, Zeffie of

Please note that you are using these updates at your own risk and I do not provide free support for them. If you have problems you should try installing the pkgs from the command line and watch for any error messages...

These pkg files also represent a basic change in the way updates have been made in the past... While most software was "patched" in the past, it will be my goal to build updated pkgs equivalent to the now Current RedHat Enterprise 3 or best... I will be doing my very best to avoid building "patched" versions of old software however in some places there is no choice.

System Update 0.0.1

HTTP CacheRaQ4-All-System-0.0.1-9926.pkg Posted: November 19, 2001
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 3,628

A few issues involving the Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ 4 appliance are resolved with this patch

  • Configuring a cluster was not possible in some network topologies.
  • Holding the password reset button on the front lcd panel did not reset the password
  • Under some situations, the squid configuration file could be truncated. This would not allow squid to be able to run. New init scripts will check to make sure that squid configuration is correct.
MD5 Check Sum: 109491eb91b0075197232df0cf697737

Reboot Required: Yes

telnetd Update 0.0.1

HTTP CacheRaQ4-All-Security-0.0.1-10750.pkg Posted: August 22, 2001
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 69,893

This security patch addresses an issue found in the telnet daemon, where a remote attacker is able to gain access to server appliances if telnet is enabled. Information regarding this update can be found at CERT Coordination Center's website. The URL is:

MD5 Check Sum: a1d644cfcb228e4be49756bb2cc4f887

Kernel Update 0.0.1

HTTP CacheRaQ4-All-Kernel-0.0.1-2.216C27III.pkg Posted: June 25, 2001
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 3,458,658

This Kernel Upgrade provides a complete fix for the sysctl negative offset bug as well as the ptrace setuid bug. Information regarding this update can be found at Security Focusí website. The URLs are: - sysctl bug - ptrace bug


  • The previous version of this update did not completely close the security holes mentioned above. It is strongly recommended that users install the latest Kernel version.
A known issue with systems not being able to reboot completely has been fixed in this version. Once installation is completed the system should be powered down and back up so the new kernel can take effect.

MD5 Check Sum: 7308e0c3f9fd5d2fde7938822e8c1234

System Patch 0.0.1

HTTP CacheRaQ4-All-System-0.0.1-9783.pkg Posted: May 14, 2001
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 419,470

This update corrects the following issues:

  • Squid may not be able to respond to requests while under a high load circumstance which may result in the creation of assertion errors in the error log.
  • WCCP protocol 1 interoperability
  • If more than one Sun Cobalt CacheRaQ appliance is part of a cluster one of the appliances may not be recognized.
  • If client browser information is not received some sites do not display properly. To correct this a UI option was added to allow the user to force the Sun Cobalt RaQ server appliance to pass browser information to the site it is requesting information from.
MD5 Check Sum: b6cd8b94ed4d072fbde536d8a8c14060

proftpd Update 0.0.1

HTTP CacheRaQ4-All-Security-0.0.1-9531.pkg Posted: February 21, 2001
FTP Point your FTP client to Size: 312,888

This package upgrades the version of proftpd to 1.2.0rc3.

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